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Solar Home Systems or Off-grid systems are photovoltaic stand alone systems to an independent power supply to ensure a basic supply of electrical energy guarantee and not with the public electricity grid are linked.

By the photovoltaic modules, energy is produced in special batteries stored and is always available. There is the possibility of the direct current (DC) directly from the batteries to use with an inverter or the DC to AC DC AC conversion. Recommendable are inverters, a pure sine wave (pure sine wave) to create so that sensitive equipment such as radios, stereos or computer trouble-free operation.

Solar Home Systems (SHS) are used particularly in countries where no continuous supply of electricity is possible. In Germany we are using this systems mainly in the Caravan and garden area, or in houses without access to the public power line. In winter time, when only 10% of solar radiation in the summer are available, we recommend to load the batteries sporadic with a conventional network adapter (automotive industry) . This will avoid the damage of the battery is ensures a long battery life.


(SolarKonzept in cooperation with several organizations involved in development co-operation that specializes in solutions for an autonomous power supply and to develop some of this has already been successfully installed and put into operation.)

As a special service we offer NGOs, but also individuals worldwide calculation of solar home systems. Using standard simulation programs and global weather data,  according to your information on location, consumers etc. we create solutions for your systems.

This will provide more certainty in planning your projects and the construction of better and investment calculations.


Installation of a SHS for a youth centre in Berlin


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