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Details of an off grid PV system / Solar Home System with Inverter and DC loads


                                                                                                                                                                        Abbildung: Steca GmbH

A small system for independent power supply with solar energy typically consists of 6 components:
the solar module A the charge regulator B, (one or more) the batteries C,
the inverter D, where
230 VAC is needed, the consumers 230 V AC F
and the
12 V DC  consumers, such as 12 V energy saving lamps.

Of the solar modules carry two cables A (+/-), dimensioned sufficiently large to avoid line losses the charge controller B. The charge regulator should be at least 10% higher dimensions, than the maximum
Current of the modules is. From the charge regulator (+/-) lead two cables to the solar battery and to the consumers (DC).

The battery cable and the lines to the consumers should be protected with fuses.
Also connected to the battery is the inverter. Again, you should install a fuse.

Under no circumstances should the inverter be connected to the charge controller, since it lead to the destruction
the controller can occur.

The inverter supplies 230 V AC consumers. The requirements for electrical installations are in the installation to be observed.